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We provide clients with invaluable, authentic and affordable style guidance and solutions by offering assistance in image enhancement, sound and effective communication, personal branding, business and social etiquette. #HausOfStyleInc

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Here at Haus Of Style Image Consulting, we believe that the right to express oneself through fashion and personal style is every bit as important as the fundamental rights granted to the rest of humanity, not merely a privilege for the elite among us. We work to help people establish their own identity and take firm steps into the unlimited world of fashion. Our staff strives to make a difference, and change lives. Society has set such unrealistic standards for appearance that have resulted not only in physical and emotional problems but words such as “fashion” and “beauty” have become sensitive and in some situations even controversial. In a world that is dominated by social media, many also tend to compare themselves and then lose hope in all effort critically. This is not okay!

Haus Of Style Image Consulting was built on the idea that there is beauty in everyone regardless of what you look like and where you are in life, though some need a gentle nudge to bring out that inner fire. We believe that how you present yourself to the world should give you confidence and make you feel fierce. Andrew Castilleja, our certified image consultant, does his best to make each client feel comfortable and flawless in their skin. He strives to develop and maintain the “look good, feel good” mentality. In doing so, we believe we can restore confidence, self-esteem, and individuality to the world one person at a time.

We employ the ONLY Certified Image Consultant in the city of Portland

We offer a 100% money back guarantee on our services!

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Client Testimonials

Trisha Cates
Northeast Portland, Oregon
5/5 STAR REVIEW | Nov. 21st 2017

I've known Andrew for 15 years and since the day I met him, he's been immersed in fashion and image. There have been countless times I would consult with Andrew where he'd help me pick out the most amazing look-- from head to toe. Andrew's knowledge and passion for fashion and imaging has always helped me step out in confidence, knowing I'm looking top notch. I highly recommend Haus of Style and Andrew if you've been feeling like you need that style boost to help you get that dream career or are just tired of blending in with the crowd. Andrew will absolutely get you looking and feeling fabulous. Plus, he's just amazing to be around!

Miranda Jimenez
East Portland, Oregon
5/5 STAR REVIEW | Jan. 2nd 2018

This was my first time hiring an Image Consultant and I must be honest, I had a ton of mixed emotions about it. However, the moment I met Andrew, all my unsettled emotions disappeared and the longer I spoke with him, the more I realized this was the person I wanted and needed! It was clear from the moment we began the initial meeting/consultation that Andrew is a HIGHLY trained expert in his industry. When he spoke you could see that he has an extremely deep passion for fashion and image styling. I met with a lot of different Image Consultants for my project. And it wasn’t long before it was crystal clear that Andrew has extensive knowledge on than any other Image Consultant in his field! Andrew was very receptive to my styling needs and raised my self-esteem and confidence in record time! He has a very calming presence which helped to keep me from having a panic attack or breakdown. The level of customer service that they offer is untouched! Andrew and his entire staff took a genuine interest in me and made me feel like I was a part of their team. There are not enough words to describe how AMAZING my first experience was with a Certified Image Consultant. If you haven’t had a chance to see Andrew and his staff at Haus Of Style Image Consulting, I suggest you pick up the phone and give them a call! You will not be disappointed! Andrew is an extremely awesome soul to be around. I can’t wait to go back to him and purchase more of his LIFE CHANGING services! Thank You Andrew and team! I look forward to seeing you all again!