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Hello everyone!

My name is Andrew Castilleja, I am 30 years young, currently living in Portland, OR. Considering, this is my first article on LinkedIn, and I thought “What better way to kick off my weekly Fashion & Image Articles than to write an introductory article about myself!?”

I am a recent graduate of the Fashion Stylist Institute located in Sacramento, CA. While enrolled, I obtained two certifications. One as an Image Consultant (CIC) and another as a Color Consultant (CCC). After receiving my certifications, I opened a Certified Image Consulting Firm, Haus Of Style Image Consulting, in the Portland, Oregon area in September 2017. I possess membership to the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), which is the leading and most significant professional association of personal and corporate image consultants worldwide.

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I am the current Founder, Director, Certified Image & Color Consultant for Haus Of Style Image Consulting (Haus Of Style Inc). I founded Haus Of Style Inc on the idea that everyone is beautiful regardless of your skin color, weight, height, financial rank, or social class. I believe expressing yourself through fashion is everyone’s right, not a privilege for the rich and famous. I go to work every day because I want to help change peoples lives! Society has placed such a high standard of appearance, and nowadays people get made fun of at school or shunned at work because they do not look how society would prefer them to appear.

These types of situations are never okay because good people can become emotionally scarred by having to endure this kind of abuse. Why is why I started my own Image Consulting Firm. My goal is to one-day be recognized internationally as a Certified Image Master, and I plans to turn Haus Of Style, Inc into a GLOBAL brand!


I possess over a decade of fashion knowledge and styling experience from some of the most prominent brands currently in retail. A few of these companies include Abercrombie & Fitch, H&M, Forever 21, and Guess, Inc. While employed by these companies, I have helped men and women achieve their professional goals through personal branding, business etiquette, & executive presence.

During my retail career, I have been recognized by multiple employers for delivering record-breaking results as well as offering an unparalleled customer service experience. My abilities to handle situations that arise in the workplace with confidence, poise, and patience while working efficiently with my team has allowed me to exceed company standards and expectations continually. I would love to make connections that will enable me to grow my consulting, management, sales, customer service, and image consulting skills.


I will be posting fashion tips for the week, blog posts, and articles relating to fashion and image on LinkedIn weekly. If even one of you reads and uses my advice which in-turn helps you personally or professionally, then I achieved what I set out to do. Feel free to check my fashion blog on my companies website weekly to catch some exciting posts and information.

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Thank you, everyone, for reading. Until next week!


Andrew Castilleja, CIC, CCC